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Arrhythmia Chaser: interactive quiz to sharpen your cardiac arrhythmia interpretation skills.

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Comprehensive database
The program includes more than 150 quizzes covering a large spectrum of cardiac arrhythmias from simple cases to challenging ones.

Multiple-Choice Questions
Each test presents 100 cases randomly selected from the database so that two tests will never look the same. This makes the questions less predictable and prolongs the software usage life. The quiz is organized into Multiple-Choice Questions with one correct answer. Answers are in the form of a web browser text format and include hyperlinks. The links allow emphasizing a particular finding by highlighting a specific segment of the EKG.

Digital ECG recordings
Among the benefits of digital signals versus images of EKG strips include accurate measurements of EKG parameters and fine-grain zooming capabilities. We think that the ability to modify the amplitude and time scales of the signals can help reveal details that otherwise would have been difficult to find.

Interactive user interface
The software is highly interactive with easy-to-use graphical controls that, among other things, allow the user to navigate the database, select the questions and answers, and modify the amplitude and time scales of the signal.

History and statistics
A test can be saved and completed later. The results of the saved tests are accessible and can be sorted by name, date, or score.

The number of EKG leads is limited to two.

System requirements