List of EKG (ECG) Educational Desktop Software

Title Platform Publisher
3-Lead EKG Concept Media
ACLS Simulator Anesoft
Arrhythmia Chaser EZCardio Software
Challenger Fundamentals: ECG Cases Challenger Corporation
Challenger Fundamentals: ECG Principles of Electrocardiography Challenger Corporation
Code Team Mad Scientist Software
Dynamic CAD EZCardio Software
Easy Arrhythmia EZCardio Software
ECG-SAP III American College of Cardiology
ECG-SAP 4 Online American College of Cardiology
EKG++ EZCardio Software
EKG Panorama EZCardio Software
Electrocardiography (ECG) Part I - Cardiac Electrophysiology & The Electrocardiogram C&S Solutions
Electrocardiography (ECG) Part II - Basic Arrhythmia Recognition C&S Solutions
Electrocardiography (ECG) Part III - Advanced Arrhythmia Recognition C&S Solutions
e-Xpert ECG: 3D Coronary anatomy Online CardioCollege
e-Xpert ECG: Clinical electrocardiography Online CardioCollege
e-Xpert ECG: Introduction to electrocardiography Online CardioCollege
MicroEKG Mad Scientist Software
PALS Simulator Anesoft