What makes your products different?
We think that the main characteristics that differentiate our products from those of our competitors are realistic animations, interactive user-friendly graphical interface, and concise and relevant information. We believe in competition, so we are providing a list of EKG educational software available in the market place: click here.

What are your software distribution options?
Software is delivered through a download link. The advantage of electronic delivery is to make the software immediately available to the user, saving him/her money on exorbitant shipping fees associated with fast package delivery.

What is the difference between the single-user and institutional single-site license?
The individual or single-user license is for personal usage and allows the licensee to install the software on any PC in their office or home. The site license grants an institution or organization to install the software on an unlimited number of the institution's computers. The software can therefore be used by an unlimited number of users within the institution site (single physical site/address, not website or intranet serving multiple sites). Multiple site licenses are needed if the software is used by users located in different geographical areas.

Do you offer discounts?
Discount on combined purchases is available for both individual and site licenses, and is offered during the ordering process.

Do you offer trial versions?
We only provide demos that you can download from the Titles page. The demo version has virtually the same functionality as the full version but includes few cases.

How do I create an installation disk if I did not order a CD?
Simply unzip the downloaded file and burn its contents onto a CD-ROM or a DVD using a CD/DVD writer software (copy all files including "autorun.inf").

What if I loose my downloaded file?
No problem. You can send your request to the support team including your name and purchase date. A password protected download link will then be provided. Nevertheless, it's a good practice to backup your files. The good news is that updates are free for all our products! Please note that CDs will not be provided for updates.

Who should I contact with technical questions?
If you encounter problems installing the software, or the software is not working properly, please send an email to the technical support team. We are also available to answer any technical questions that you might have, and we welcome any comments or suggestions that would help us improve the software.

Who should I contact with order and billing questions?
Please read the customer service web page of our e-commerce agent.